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Pentru cotații personalizate și reduceri substanțiale privind echipamentele video audio profesionale TV comercializate în România de către DME, vă rugăm să ne contactați utilizând formularul sau numărul de telefon +40 722 428 874.

The QVW-1708-3G is part of Marshall Electronics' Quad Viewer series of rack mount monitors which can function as a single display supporting inputs up to 4K or four separate displays in Quad View mode supporting inputs up to 1920 x 1080 in each quadrant.

• Convenient, intuitive front panel controls in addition to control via network
• Quad 3GSDI inputs with active loop-through and auto format detection
The QVW-17083-3G can be mounted in any standard EIA 19-inch equipment rack. The attached rack ears can be angled to provide the user control over the viewing angle. A VESA standard 75mm hole pattern also allosws custom mounting installations.

Quad-Viewer Feature
Allows viewing of 4 inputs on the screen at once. Each input source is scaled and positioned in real-time so that all 4 inputs can be seen. Besides the standard Quad layout, there are 3 other layouts (including Full Screen) to choose from:

Monitor video Marshall QVW-1708-3G/HDI 6RU 17" Full Resolution Rack-mountable

Cod SKU: QVW-1708-3G
    • 1920 x 1080 Native Display (16 x 9)
    • Accepts Input Resolutions Up to 4096 x 2160
    • IMD - In Monitor Display Functions
    • Area Markers
    • Hard Tally + Soft Tally
    • Network Control via Ethernet
    • Presence indicators for TC, CC (608/708), Audio
    • Bar Display for Embedded Audio, also Timecode Display
    • RS-485 in/out/host ports allow daisy-chaining IMD and display functions
    • Pixel-to-Pixel Mode
    • Compatible with CalMAN 5 Calibration Technology
    • IMD Control via Ethernet or RS-485 serial data
    • Status Display Shows True Format / Frame Rate
    • Rack Ears Included
    • In-field firmware update