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More powerful, more compact and more affordable than ever. Carbonite Ultra uses the latest technology to distill the best of the Carbonite series into a single, next generation platform.



Built on the foundation of Carbonite, the world’s most popular mid-sized switcher platform. Carbonite Ultra is backed by a team with 40+ years of production switcher development and one of the highest-rated customer support teams in the industry.



Packed with the operational features that made Carbonite a success, only this time, we’re giving customers more of the showpiece features they rave about.



Video the way you need it. Carbonite Ultra supports all common video standards including SD, HD, 3G 1080P, as well as 12G UHD for multi-ME configurations. Also, Carbonite Ultra can add an optional license for a full set of I/O processing resources to ensure a visually-consistent and engaging production.



Continually benefit from a software-defined hardware platform that is built to last you a lifetime. Carbonite Ultra customers will receive new features via free-of-charge software updates and exciting new software-licensed functions that go beyond just a production switcher.



Better but not necessarily bigger. All of Carbonite Ultra’s robust features and substantial I/O have been built into a single 1RU chassis. This production switcher will fit anywhere you need it to.



Sleeker, feature-rich and ready for shows in any format. The best part? Carbonite Ultra is offered at the lowest price Ross has ever offered for a mid-size production switcher. Serious production horsepower and technology is now more affordable than ever.

Mixer video ROSS CARBONITE ULTRA 4K UHD Production Switcher

  • 12G / UHD Production Switcher

    With the release of the 2.0 software version, Carbonite Ultra offers a 12G/UHD feature set that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen in a mid-size class production switcher:

    • 2160p 60 / 59.94 / 50
    • 18 x 12G inputs or 16 x 12G & 2 Quad-Link 2SI inputs
    • 10 x 12G outputs
    • 1 or 2 UHD MEs*
    • 2 UHD MiniMEs
    • 2 UHD channels of DVE
    • 2 UHD channels of MediaStore with Key+Fill
    • 2 UHD chroma keyers
    • Up to 2 MultiViewers (1080P) – 2nd MultiViewer via software license

    Standard UHD Video Processing:

    • 2 Frame Sync/Format Converters – assignable to any input or output
    • 2 Proc Amp/Colour Correctors – assignable to any input or output

    PLUS I/O UHD Video Processing**:

    • 8 Frame Sync / Format Converters – assignable to any input
    • 4 Format Converters – assignable to any output
    • 8 Proc Amps / Colour Correctors – assignable to any input or output

    Carbonite Ultra offers the complete, flexible set of operational resources you need to create a compelling production in UHD.

    *UHD ME1 requires standard ADD-ME2 license, UHD ME2 requires standard ADD-ME3 license.
    **Available via software license



    Format Independent Hardware

    Support for Common Video Standards
    Carbonite Ultra offers native support for SD, HD and 3G 1080P formats.

    HDR Compatible
    Carbonite Ultra supports the range of HDR formats including HLG, PQ and S-LOG3 – plus support for bi-directional SDR to HDR-HLG conversion.

    Signal Processing
    Carbonite Ultra ships with 8 FSFC+ as standard, which can be assigned to any input or output. Each FSFC+ offers Frame Syncs for inputs – along with Color Correction, Proc Amps and Format Conversion for inputs and outputs. For productions in need of serious signal processing power, Carbonite Ultra can be configured with FSFC+ on every input and output.  Carbonite Ultra makes it easy to put together a visually-consistent production.

    Standalone Reference Generator
    Lock Carbonite Ultra into the available house reference (Black Burst / Tri-Level) or use Carbonite Ultra’s built-in reference generator (Black Burst only) to sync your equipment. The ability to output reference directly from the Carbonite Ultra frame is great for small flight packs and mobile production vehicles.