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With the WMT Audio Report, Mobile Viewpoint offers a professional IP based audio device for live radio reporting or as an ideal replacement for traditional ISDN set up.

With two balanced line and microphone inputs and 4 bonded LTE modems the WMT AR is the best you can get for low delay audio reports using bonded 3G/4G connections.

The WMT AR is a combination of a high quality audio amplifier and proven WMT bonding technology. At the receiving end the WMT playout will return the audio channel back into analogue balanced audio. This is the same playout used for all other WMT devices. The playout also provides a talk back channel (IFB) with individual volume control. 

Encoder audio Mobile Viewpoint Audio Report Live audio from a backpack

Cod SKU: AudioReport
    • Bundles 4 3G/4G connections + Wifi and Ethernet
    • H.265
    • Compact sizeBonds 4 LTE(4G)/fallback 3G connectionsRemote controllableMic inputUses existing Mobile Viewpoint infrastructureTouchscreen with detailed network informationRuggedized casing
    • Direct live to Social Media