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The QuaddroLink is the entry level WMT model powered by a small Sony handycam battery. It can bond 6 links; 4 times 3G/4G, Wi-Fi and Ethernet. It serves the market of action- and sport cameras and similar capture devices used to stream live on Facebook and other Social Media platforms.


The QuaddroLink offers with its 4 modems excellent throughput and high quality broadcast-like video. Also the reduced size and ruggedized casing is tailored to mobile operations in harsh environments. With its native 1080i , 1080P and 720P support it enables transcoder free wireless streaming, directly from your camera to Social Media and now also to standard broadcast facilities featuring Interlaced.


  • Low cost, high quality live streaming 
  • Compact, ruggedized casing
  • Interlaced video 
  • One-touch streaming to Social Media
  • Databonding + Hotspot 
  • SDI-interface


Manage & Control

In combination with the web-based platform the LinkMatrix it is possible to control, manage and administer all your WMT devices and connections. The LinkMatrix is multi-destination and makes it possible to publish the same feed on many platforms including Social Media and private CDN’s.

Encoder video Mobile Viewpoint QuaddroLink The ruggedized all-in-one

Cod SKU: QuaddroLink
    • Bonds 6 links; 4x 4G, 1x Wi-Fi, and 1 x Ethernet
    • SDI-interface
    • Live streaming
    • Live directly to Social Media
    • Managed via touchscreen, centrally or any connected device