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Tria Primary Capabilities:


Flexible video server architecture ensures seamless integration into your production workflows, with optimized operational dynamics.

Four or Eight “symmetrical” video channels
Every video channel transport has both IN and OUT; each can be used as either Recorder or Player—exactly like a VTR
Single asset “Video+Key+Audio” clips are easy to load and to control directly from switchers/vision mixers, for use as animated transitions
Channels can be easily “paired” for “Video+Key” operations
Quickly load multiple clips into multiple video channels to use as sources for “on-set” displays
Intuitive User application provides efficient operations for a broad range of your live production needs, with a clean and uncluttered User Interface.

Clear display of transport controls for all video channels
Shared “Clip Library” provides simple access to all stored real-time media
Built-in “MultiViewer” in computer desktop saves on monitoring costs
Built-in “Quad Viewer” on HD-SDI video output to feed directly into “monitor wall” displays
Built-in Media File Import and Export tools reduces your costs, while simplifying and streamlining your operational workflows.

Standard feature in every Tria server, with no extra expense
Wide range of video codecs support
Fast time to Air for transferred content

Server video Ross Abekas Tria Production Video Server

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  • Top Reasons to Buy:

    Tria Explorer application provides a highly intuitive, easy-to-use graphical user interface.

    Based upon widely-understood “VTR Transport” paradigm, but with shared clip storage
    Every video channel transport has its own dedicated RS-422 control port, along with Ethernet control over all channels
    Unmatched playlist creation, editing and playout control—with pause, loop and transitions
    Even “Engineering Setup” utility is easy to use, while offering comprehensive server management
    Make your live productions easier to manage and to complete.

    Very flexible channel configurations support a wide variety of live event productions.

    Support for “Video+Key” and multi-channel ISO grouping
    Includes “Multi-Screen” display support for “extra wide” and “extra tall” video screens comprised of multiple modules
    Four- or Eight-Channel configurations available
    Every video channel has ability to instantly switch between Recorder and Player
    The flexibility of the Tria production server makes it easy to change and adapt to the changing needs of your productions.

    Built-in Multi-Server Clip Networking feature permits operators to quickly and easily share captured media clips.

    Uses standard and inexpensive Gigabit Ethernet networking to interconnect any number of Tria servers
    Shared clips can be “stand-alone clips” or can be clipped from an actively recording clip
    Remote clip content can be played across the network into a local Tria server from any remote Tria server
    Fast sharing of clip content permits Tria servers to scale up for your larger and more complex live productions, as well as for use with Mira replay servers.

    Deliver high reliability to live production process with protected media storage.

    Media disk array has RAID-6 parity protection as standard feature
    Up to two media disks can fail at same time, with no impact on server operations
    Failed media disks can be hot-swapped with automatic rebuilding, also with no impact on server operations
    Choose from five different media storage capacities
    Rely upon predictable outcomes for your live productions any time—all the time.

    Reduce live production complexity with a very cost-effective solution that includes a wide range of capabilities.

    Save on external router costs with built-in Input/Output Audio Router
    Transfer content in and out of the server quickly and easily with integrated Media File Import/Export tools
    Built-in computer desktop MultiViewer saves on downstream monitoring costs
    Put more excitement into your live productions with advanced media content that is instantly available for use.