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ACID Primary Capabilities
Spectacular video images are produced for your normal studio production, and your virtual productions are turned into compelling virtual reality.

ACID cameras provide standard SMPTE 4:2:2 video outputs as well as a unique UltrachromeHR 0:4:4 video output. This additional output-signal contains full bandwidth color information for higher quality keys.
The standard 4:2:2 and additional 0:4:4 outputs are received and internally combined by the UltrachromeHR Chroma Keying system to create 4:4:4 signals that produce a better result for keying in virtual productions.
High Dynamic Range on the H200 camera captures the full breadth of color and contrast in scenes, to get optimal coloration in all types of productions.
ACID Camera

Integration is seamless into Ross Studio Ecosystems and a variety of your live production environments.

Fully integrated DashBoard control provides operation, set-up, and shading for ACID cameras from a standard interface making it simple to use with a variety of production systems.
As a perfect companion with Ross Robotic systems, ACID is an excellent acquisition component for solutions such as combining with UX and XPression for virtual production, and LCS for assembly productions.
A small footprint makes integration easy into your production environments.

ACID cameras are compact, lightweight and consume minimal power in comparison to other studio cameras.
By virtue of a lightweight design, ACID cameras can be mounted in a wide variety of ways.
DashBoard replaces physical CCUs and provides access to every single camera control in real time through a simple, customizable user interface, that eliminates the cost and space required by camera control units.
ACID cameras use the latest in camera technology to offer high-performance image capture and a unique feature set. These cameras are designed to offer low noise, high sensitivity, and excellent picture resolution. Aside from their impressive specifications, both ACID models have several features and functionalities that further enhance the versatility of the camera.

ACID Camera - Back Connection

Without question, ACID cameras are the premier choice of studio camera for virtual productions. Their unique UltrachromeHR output enables unmatchable chroma key quality – sharpening traditionally blurry chroma key edges, enhancing key transparency, and offering incredible image quality. ACID Cameras truly offer a heightened visual experience.

True to Ross tradition, ACID can be connected to and controlled by existing production systems with little effort. ACID cameras plug-in seamlessly thanks to their network-ready design, while DashBoard control provides an intuitive and customizable interface to perform virtually every camera function. ACID makes a great companion to your production systems.

Be sure to check out the complete ACIDCam specifications for the full breakdown of features.

Camera video Ross ACID HD 4:4:4 Production Video Camera

Cod SKU: RossACIDCam
  • Top Reasons to Buy:

    Gain a unique advantage in Virtual Studio applications

    The unique 0:4:4 full resolution chroma output is the definitive signal for high quality virtual productions. Pair ACID cameras with the UltrachromeHR Chroma Keying System for unrivaled chroma key performance.
    Low signal to noise technology specifically addresses the traditional issues with chroma key edges; enjoy properly blended key edges and enhanced key transparency.
    HDR quality video permits greater creativity with lighting options and results in richer colors for augmented reality and virtual productions.
    Get outstanding results for the demanding requirements of your virtual productions

    ACID Camera Front Lens

    Acquire superior image quality in any studio environment

    ACID cameras offer 1080p format (with H200) and 1080i (with Z50) HD formats respectively.
    The ACID H200 utilizes the very latest 2/3” UAIT MOS sensors that provide an amazing level of sensitivity, signal to noise, and overall picture quality.
    HDR functionality, low noise, and high sensitivity come together to offer exceptional imagery in a variety of lighting conditions.
    Realize the look you expect on-air with the latest imaging technologies.

    ACIDCam with Furio
    Fit seamlessly into integrated production environments

    The perfect companion with Ross Robotics Furio and CamBot systems, to enhance productions with seamless camera movements and fantastic smooth motion.
    With fully integrated DashBoard control, not only are set-up and paint applications enabled through a simple user interface, ACID also becomes embedded within a full production control system such as OverDrive and LCS.
    Whether it is the Tracked UX System or Trackless Studio, ACID is the ideal acquisition component for simple integration into these virtual production systems with pristine results.
    Attain complete live production solutions that are easier for you to install and support.