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Carbonite Black Solo is the perfect fit for smaller production environments

Productions include graphics and text, so does Carbonite Black Solo. A software only version of our award winning XPression Graphics package is included as standard
The Mixed Format I/O permits computer sources and playback devices to be easily accommodated via HDMI connections
Big switcher feel is enabled through features such a true next transition style operation to provide effortless full previews and the transition of any combination of layers
The feature packed system offers useful functions such as single touch wipe patterns, single touch 2D DVE effects, memory recall to preview, animated transitions, intuitive auto-follow menus, and panel glow for viewing in darkened environments makes use fast and consistent
Operators are assisted with a high end fader with “zinger” LEDs, and direct transition buttons with variable transition rate capabilities
Ease of use of the system offers you rapid execution, short learning curves, and fewer production errors.

Enhance your productivity with tools that assist you in the simple creation and running of shows

The powerful DashBoard LiveAssist™ control interface provides you intuitive control over switcher settings such as keyers, transitions, and multi-viewers with simple access from a Windows or Mac based computer
The MediaManager™ browser easily manages your graphics, stills, and animations from within a DashBoard or Web interface
The remarkable ViewControl touch screen application visually displays every production element for you to instantly touch select and easily perform seriously complex productions perfectly every time
All Carbonite Black Solo systems ship with an XPression LiveCG software license to provide production graphics. If the deployment also includes a separate XPression Go, Prime, or Studio system- it can be used as an additional Designer seat.
With a solution that provides seamless and efficient control, you have the ability to complete the most sophisticated of productions.

Carbonite Black Solo offers you an integrated environment with connectivity to a wide range of production systems.

Extended system capabilities include XPression LiveCG software for high quality graphics created on the fly from a PC and sent over the network directly into the Media Store channels without sacrificing inputs or having to buy a costly external graphics system
Independently produce outputs to three screens or destinations thanks to the unique MiniME’s
Direct control of external devices to manage complete production environments is simple with RossTalk Protocol for interfacing to servers, robotic cameras, audio mixers
A comprehensive set of system components and accompanying services are designed to offer tight integration and unmatched range of choices for your facility by working together seamlessly while also integrating nicely with third-party solutions to save you time and money.

The powerful processing capabilities of Carbonite Black Solo provide you with resources typically found in larger systems to satisfy a broad range of production requirements.

Very powerful effects available in a resource pool within the production switcher architecture provides independent mixing and keying for additional dissolves and key layers while leaving standard ME resources available without compromise
A powerful and unique intelligent resource management feature permits stored keys and backgrounds to be recalled to preview without disturbing what is currently being output in a manner that would normally require a much larger switcher
Advanced chroma keying uses advanced video processing technology to perform detailed keying in the most demanding conditions, even with difficult source material
The multi-definition architecture with internal frame synchronizers and format converters provides support for all popular HD, 3G and SD formats out of the box to help match current and future requirements
Media player channels and a media store are available to store and play out stills, logos, animated graphics, and even animated transitions with audio playback from on-board memory to deliver advanced production looks
Superior value is offered with an impressive array of standard professional grade features and innovative technologies that make the system a great choice for your quality productions.

The compact, powerful, and durable packaging of Carbonite Black Solo systems offer you a superior value for a wide range of production requirements.

With the space conscious all-in-one system, or a separate control panel and a small 1 RU production engine, the system is perfectly sized for even the most size restricted studios, flight cases, and OB vans
Strong all-metal body, high end buttons, production proven fader and professional grade joystick make the system rugged, tough, and reliable
The affordability of the system means that you don’t need to compromise on production quality to get the performance, features, functionality, and ruggedness that you demand.

Mixer video Ross Carbonite Black SOLO 1 M/E Live Production Switcher

  • Key Features:

    A great looking production requires a complete set of tools. Carbonite Black Solo includes the bigger Carbonite’s unmatched power and easy-to-use feature set.


    MiniMEs are a new class of operational ‘devices’ within the production switcher architecture. These are very powerful effects modules that include an independent Mixer and 2 Keyers: 1 standard Keyer and 1 specifically for DVE boxes. MiniME modules do not reside in a fixed position in the signal flow – they are not Upstream, Midstream or Downstream – they ‘float’ and can be used anywhere in the signal path. They reside in a resource ‘pool’ to be used anywhere in the system for additional dissolves and key layers, which are immediately released as soon as the transition or effect is complete. There are 2 MiniMEs in the Solo, but as they are automatically attached when required they can be assigned to multiple locations – and they can be used simultaneously.

    MiniMEs are completely independent of Solo’s single ME and contain their own key / mix resources, eliminating any need for resource sharing or compromise.

    Capabilities Announced at NAB 2017

    CB9 Panel

    Same panel layout as all in one Solo version
    Ethernet connection to frame
    Separate panel for Solo or can work with any Carbonite as secondary panel
    Version 1.2

    Simplification of complex tasks such as keyer setup and panel layouts
    RGB PanelGlow background illumination to make buttons easily readable in dark environments
    Button color customization for system personalization enabling at-a-glance color identification of busses and sources
    Version 2.0 Preview

    Built in Media Player for USB stored Video and Audio files
    Put clips on a USB media device and play them as part of productions
    Play back clips of any length, the only limitation is the storage capacity of the connected USB device
    Clip playback control is fully integrated and includes an intuitive DashBoard interface
    The Carbonite Black Solo MultiViewer has been engineered to provide the best possible monitoring solutions for your production. Its fully configurable layouts include automatic source naming with tally and border control. This clean, low latency MultiViewer has access to all external and internal sources. The MultiViewer has user selectable layouts with the individual choice of border, tally, and UMD label display for each source. In addition, a user configurable clock can be sized and positioned anywhere on the multi-viewer screen.

    XPression Graphics
    + An XPression LiveCG software license is included to provide compelling production graphics in your productions. For more advanced motion graphics, XPression Go, Prime, or Studio systems are well integrated with all Carbonite Black Solo configurations.


    3G Production
    No other switcher of this size and price point can offer 3G processing. For producers needing to incorporate the very latest full HD progressive standards – Carbonite is a perfect tool for the job. This mode ensures your production system investment is protected for years to come. 3G signals contain twice the data of standard HD and yet the Carbonite Black Solo has the all the horsepower required to ensure no operational restrictions exist when used in this mode.

    LiveAssist™ & MediaManager™
    A powerful Ross DashBoard LiveAssist control interface combines with Carbonite’s MediaManager browser to provide intuitive control over switcher settings, Media Store graphics and animations. With simple access from PC and MAC, DashBoard and MediaManager are the perfect Carbonite Black Solo companions. more info…

    With ViewControl, it is now possible to create an entire production from a simple and very intuitive interface. Complex transition elements are shown as thumbnails surrounding the live source windows. Running the show is now as simple as touching the screen. more info…

    Effects Memory with MemoryAI™
    Carbonite’s powerful and truly unique intelligent resource management system permits stored keys and backgrounds to be recalled to preview without disturbing what is currently on-air. This system enables multiple ‘scenes’ to be stored and recalled in a manner that would normally require a much larger multi-ME switcher.

    Mixed SDI and HDMI I/O
    The Carbonite Black Solo includes standard SDI and HDMI input connections, allowing the direct connection from computers, cameras and playback devices. The HDMI output is fully assignable and can be used for direct display connection for the MultiViewer or any other signal source.

    4 Channel Media-Store™
    Four independent media player channels are available switcher-wide. Stills, logos and animated graphics can be played out from the on-board 8GB memory and can be loaded via USB storage devices. The Media-Store™ can also be managed directly over Ethernet via Carbonite’s browser-based graphics tools.

    MediaWipes™ with Audio Playback 
    MediaWipes™ add powerful animated transition capabilities with audio playback from the Carbonite Media-Stores™. Create compelling, animated graphic transitions and control them simply from a dedicated ME transition area selector.

    Multi-Format Production 
    Solo’s video processing engine can be set for Standard or High Definition production. In addition, the standard system includes 6 internal frame synchronizers and format converters which allow mixed SD and HD formats to be seamlessly incorporated into your production.

    UltraChrome™ Advanced Chroma Keying
    Our UltraChrome™ chroma keyer uses new Ross technology to perform detailed keying in the most demanding conditions.

    Powerful ME
    Carbonite Black Solo packs major effects and keying power into its ME. It has 4 powerful keyers with luma, linear, Chroma and DVE key types as well as an additional 5th hidden keyer for animated Media Wipe and DVE transitions. Advanced pattern generators are available for wipes, pattern masks and color washes. The ME also provides a clean feed output.

    2 channels of DVE 
    2 high quality 2D DVE channels are available system-wide. The DVE’s ‘float’ within the system architecture permitting them to be assigned to a single ME or distributed across the ME and MiniME’s as the production demands. These DVE’s are also available for ME DVE transitions and have dedicated selection in the ME transition area.

    RossTalk Protocol & Device Control
    Direct control of external devices is simple with Carbonite Black Solo. Servers, Camera Robotics, select Audio Mixers, and of course the award winning XPression 2D / 3D graphics system can all be integrated.