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Frontier Primary Capabilities

Offers designers incredible levels of creative freedom combined with hyper-realistic rendering quality.

Based on the Epic Unreal gaming engine for rendering and supports all of its features to provide superior high realism scenery and the best possible imagery quality.
Uses advanced graphic features like particle systems, dynamic textures such as live reflections and shadows and even collision detection
Complex effects such as rain drops, and lens flares are able to be created quickly and easily with unprecedented realism
The system has been optimized by Ross Video to work in Virtual Studio environments. designers can achieve realistic looks with greater accuracy than ever before

Integrates with UX for ease of operation and flexible workflows.

The UX application provides an operator-friendly front end, so operators are not required to learn new platforms.
By using the UX and UX VCC applications, solutions can be customized with flexibility and scalability in terms of the number of cameras and number of graphic engines

Combines with XPression to guarantee photorealistic backgrounds and creative freedom along with unmatched data connectivity, visual logic programming and full support for most major workflows.

Frontier works side by side with XPression motion graphics system, which renders all the foreground elements
UX VCC controls the tracking data, UX controls positioning and scaling of elements, texture routing, and event triggering, and the rendering is done by Frontier

Sistem Decor Virtual Ross Frontier - Virtual Set and Augmented Reality

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  • Top Reasons to Buy

    Incorporates cutting edge technology using the Unreal gaming engine by Epic games.

    The Unreal engine is the leading gaming engine in the industry
    There are thousands of developers around the world creating materials for use
    Provides superior graphic capabilities by utilizing advanced features from the Unreal engine.

    Includes collision, dynamic texture, reflections and real-time shadows
    Support for animated models, including skeleton animation, cloth, and particles
    Permits triggering of Blueprints from UX

    Offers hyper realism to achieve realistic looks.

    Designers can create content with greater accuracy than ever before
    Results in a better blend of physical and virtual sets

    Makes it easy to operate with a friendly user interface

    The use of UX means operators are not required to learn new systems
    Proven and tested control platform
    Direct control over objects inside Unreel scenes
    Enables flexible workflows through the ability to combine Frontier and XPression.

    By using UX and UX VCC control and management, Frontier and XPression can be used together in the same environments.


    Key Features

    Based on Epic Game’s Unreal4 Game Engine
    Supports AR and VS workflows
    Single channel solution
    2 channels of video inputs
    Based on the latest XPression M6 hardware platform
    UX v3.0 front-end is used as the control interface for the system
    Real time control over model’s position
    allows real-time reaction to last minute requirements
    Real time control over textures and sources
    Support for most tracking systems and protocols through UX including MoSys, Trackman, Egripment, Vinten, Motion Analysis, NCam, and more
    Support for animated 3D models including full support for skeletal animation, Cloth animation and animation sequences
    Dynamic textures
    UX triggering of Unreal4 Blueprints
    Real time shadows and reflection with full control over light emitters, shadows and ray traced reflections
    Support for particle systems
    Support for physical effects such as collision, gravity, wind, and more
    Unreal4 fully supports HDR workflows